4-Pack Dimmable LED Filament Candle, 4W (40W equiv) - 2700K

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ENERGY STAR® certified product.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm —

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Limit 32 LED bulbs (pieces NOT 4-packs) per residential electric account.

No need to sacrifice decorating tastes for energy savings. This candelabra LED looks so similar to incandescents, you won’t miss the old bulbs. 15,000-hour life. ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.

This bulb passes the lighting requirements standardized by the California Energy Commissions (CEC) , Title 20, JA8 2016-E, which is rated be used in totally enclosed fixtures and has a color rendering index of 90 or higher to shine closer to natural light.

CEC Compliant

Learn More About CEC Requirements

This candelabra LED:

  • Replaces 40-watt incandescents.
  • Seamlessly fits in chandeliers, wall sconces, decorative lamps, ceiling fan lights and an array of dimmable fixtures.

Product Warranty: 5 years


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How’s color temperature measured?

Color temperature is expressed in kelvin (using the abbreviation “K”), a unit of measure for absolute temperature. When the color temperature is over 5000 K, it’s referred to as "cool-colored" (bluish-white). Lower color temperatures (2700–3000 K) are called "warm-colored" (yellowish-white through red).

These bulbs are available in 2700K.


This Graph shows a range of colors with their associated color temperatures. 2000K (far left) shown as bright orange. 3500K (middle) shown as light yellow. 6500K (far right) shown as bright blue.


What’s a lumen?

A light’s brightness is measured in lumens (abbreviated as “lm”). If a light bulb is super bright, it produces a lot of lumens. Because LED lighting delivers more lumens per watt of electricity, LEDs are a more efficient light source than incandescent bulbs.

These bulbs deliver 300 lumens.

Bright= 350-600 Lumens, Brighter=600-1100 Lumens, Brightess= 1100-2000 Lumens


Lifetime hours

This bulb is about 60 percent more efficient than a standard 10,000 hour fluorescent bulb. 

LED bulbs last 2.5 times longer than compact fluorescent bulbs and 22.5 times longer that incandescent bulbs



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4 Pack Candelabra with Filament

4-Pack Dimmable LED Filament Candle, 4W (40W equiv) - 2700K

MSRP $11.94
You save $8.00

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