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What is CEC Title 24 JA8 and why do I need JA8 bulbs?

Title 24 lighting regulations were revised in California to ensure that lighting is more energy efficient. The revised regulations, called JA8, took effect in January 2017 and are for new construction, renovations, and additions to both residential and commercial buildings. To ensure that your lighting meets these new standards in the state of California, purchase these JA8 compliant bulbs and fixtures. JA8 compliant lighting consists primarily of LED lamps that have been tested to meet higher efficiency standards. They have been approved by the state of California and registered with the California Energy Commissions (CEC).


What are the benefits of JA8 compliant bulbs?

There are several benefits to using JA8 bulbs, including a longer life span and low heat generation. Some JA8 bulbs and other Title 24 lighting may qualify for rebates. Rebates can be offered through the state or through utility companies depending on where you live. JA8 bulbs are required in the state of California, but others can enjoy the benefits as well since they are more energy efficient. Other states tend to follow California's energy regulations within a few years, so your state may require them soon.

JA8 products also have a color rendering index of 90 or higher. Color rendering index (CRI) is the measure of how well the light source is able to accurately portray colors. It's measured on a scale from zero, being the lowest, to 100, being the highest and the closest to sunlight. The higher the CRI, the brighter and more vivid the colors will appear. Bulbs with a high CRI of 90 or more are commonly used by galleries and museums to illuminate art work and sculptures. They can also be used in high end retail and grocery stores to help displays of produce and merchandise look more appealing to customers.

Performance requirements for JA8 include:

  • CRI must be greater than 90.
  • CCT must be under 4000K.
  • R9 must be greater than 50.
  • 6,000-hour lumen maintenance must be greater than or equal to 86.7%.
  • Rated life must be greater than or equal to 15,000 hours.
  • 10% dimming.
  • Flicker less than 30% for 200 Hz or below at 100% and 20% levels.
  • Noise less than 24dB at 100% and 20%.
  • Marking (either JA8-2016 or JA8-2016-E) on lamp.

CEC Title 20

The Appliance Efficiency Program, or Title 20, includes standards for lighting appliances. the Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification is aligned with the standards of Title 20. The objective of this specification is to promote lighting products that perform better than current mandatory requirements and to prepare the market for upcoming mandatory efficiency regulations. It states the minimum level of quality and performance from LED lamps needed to avoid consumer dissatisfaction and facilitate market transition to more efficient LED technology.

Title 20 is not only a requirement to sell in California, but item(s) must also be registered with the CEC prior to entering the market. However, if a product meets Title 20 requirements, that does not mean it will also meet Title 24 (JA8) requirements.

Performance requirements for Title 20 include:

In order for products to be eligible for Title 20:

  • CRI must be greater than 80.
  • Power factor must be greater than 0.7.
  • Must have an hour rated life greater than 10,000 hours (25,000 for MR16s).
  • A-lamps much be ENERGY STAR® V2.0 omnidirectional light distribution.
  • Decorative lamp shapes must be ENERGY STAR V1.1 light distribution.
  • Compliance score* (above chart).
  • MR16 lamps must be either be greater than 80 LPW or greater than 70 LPW with a compliance score* greater than 165.
  • If the lamp is dimmable:
    • Dimmable to 10%.
    • Reduced flicker.
    • Noise is less than 24dB at 100% and 20%.
  • If comparing to incandescent equivalent, must be lower than 3000K.
  • If comparing to incandescent, must be dimmable.
  • If comparing to incandescent, lumens must be greater than 310 for E26 or greater than 150 for E12 or E17.

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